Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ever Have one of Those Days?

Ever have one of those days?
When you  have the glorious plan, and then it just starts going to hell heading south?

Me, too. Here is one of my favorite red hot sci fi romances, Heart of Stone. It was originally posted as a Free Read on Samhain Publishing's old 'Samhellion' site.

That site is gone, so I took my story down, completely re-wrote it (30K instead of 15K)--with even more red hots, had it professionally edited at RedCircleInk, formatted it for e-book and had this gorgeous cover created by Gilded Heart Designs.

I wrote the story as a Free Read, so I wanted to post it everywhere on the web as a Free Read.

Helllooooo, Amazon. Indie authors are not allowed to set a price to free. And if the book is posted for their lowest price, .99, and posted free elsewhere, Amazon will not be happy.

So here's the deal. I'd really love lots of readers to find this story. For the next 90 days, Heart of Stone will be available on Amazon for .99. For 5 of those days, it will be an Amazon Free Read. I'll keep you posted on when that will happen.

At the end of that time, come more hell or high water, the story will be available Free for the rest of its eternal life. Even if it's not available ... you know where.

Hope you're having a fabulous week! I'm going back to my imaginary world, where I'm in control.


... red hot romance!
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