Monday, February 29, 2016

SFR Author Donna Frelick has Trouble in Mind!

Welcome, Donna! 
We know you write Sci Fi Romance. What's new?

February 16 marked the release of Trouble in Mind, Book 2 in in my Interstellar Rescue series.

Like Book 1, Unchained Memory, this companion novel is set in the same Earth-centered, present-day universe, but has enough aliens, spaceships, mind control and other science-fiction-y goodness to intrigue any SF fan.

At the same time, the flame between FBI heroine Lana Matheson and half-alien hero Gabriel is hot enough to please the most fervent romance reader.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Remi Bond: What's in a name...? A Blurb Fit for Royalty

Remi Bond: What's in a name...? A Blurb Fit for Royalty: The first thing a reader sees of an author's book is the cover or title. I think Surprise for Three is a good, engaging title, and with...

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Cyborgs! and Love It Or Hate It Stories With Author Cynthia Sax

Welcome, Cynthia Sax 

Yay, she brought cyborgs!

Cynthia tells us ...

'You’ll either love CRASH AND BURN, the third standalone story in my sizzling hot cyborg series, or you’ll hate it with an all-consuming passion. I suspect your response will be that extreme. 


Because, during the telling of any story, a writer has a bazillion decisions to make. She is often faced with making a ‘safe’ choice, a choice that won’t cause readers any discomfort, or making a ‘risky’ choice, a choice that might be right for the story and characters but might also upset reading buddies.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

What is Space Opera Anyway?? With Author Jayne Fury

Guest Blogger: Jayne Fury talks about Space Opera

Ask ten people what space opera is and you'll either get a blank stare or a different answer in each response. 

What is space opera and how does it fit onto Romance lit?