Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Welcome to the mother/daughter writing team of Sarah and Shannen Brady. 

Their NEW novella, Unexpected Gifts debuts July 19th, in Decadent Publishing's best-selling '1Night Stand' series.

Some readers may have met our heroine, Iris Kosta, in our previous novels, Healer and Sweet Fire.
In our world, the existence of paranormal Gifts is accepted; those who have them, not so much. The Gifted are often feared and hated by their neighbors, and Homeland Security has a nasty habit of conscripting the Gifted for government “employment.”

Funny how those so employed are often never seen again.

Our two series, The Gifted and Gifts of Fate, follow the members of a Gifted family from Eastern Washington wheat fields to New York City Streets  ... they find love along the way.

In a world that fears what it doesn’t understand, having paranormal gifts is tough. Luckily, Iris Kosta is tougher.

She lost her twin brother to Homeland Security's paranoia and greed; add in her job as a kickass security operative and it makes for a lonely life. Which is too bad, because Iris likes men – a lot. She makes do with a string of dates and hook ups, convinced there’s no such thing as true love.

Mike Connolly believes in love—but for him, its name is Iris.

Too bad she’ll always see him as just one of the boys. Finally giving up on anything more than friendship, he turns to Madam Eve for help in finding a woman who can eclipse his obsession.

But when Iris’ meddlesome relatives call on Madam Eve too, Mike and Iris find themselves the recipients of some unexpected gifts. 

Will they survive long enough to enjoy them?

Excerpt: the couple is several stories above the ground in a building under construction

Sunday, July 10, 2016

OTHER WORLDS - The SFRB Summer Blog Hop

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Other Worlds ... My favorite! 

I love my life, but I also love to escape now & then, you know? Ha, I see you nodding! We readers are all escape artists--we can disappear into a story. 

I love my life, but there are things about it I'd gladly skip; housework, book-keeping, laundry, traffic. The usual. 

What if ... we have droids to do the drudge work? What if we no longer spend time in traffic jams, because the sky is not the limit--there are traffic lanes both horizontal & vertical? 

What if some beings truly are psychic, and can help regain lost loved ones and stop the bad buys? What if other planets to explore and trade are within our reach?

I'm in! In fact I'm in SO MUCH ... that I write this stuff. I Love Sci Fi Romance,
& so do these other fab authors. 
LodeStar Book 6

Join us to win Prizes! Books! Money! Travel to Other Worlds! (Travel Disclaimer: only in our stories)

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