Thursday, February 7, 2013

Break My Heart ... and I'll Love You

 Or at least I'll love your story!

Emotion, lots of emotion. That's what makes a great romance. The highs aren't that high unless the lows take us way down in the depths of despair.

Have you ever had your heart broken? 

Of course you have. But before that happened, you soared. The endorphins flowed through your bloodstream, and you floated several inches off the ground. Ah, love. 

Then that perfect someone decided you weren't perfect. Or you realized he wasn't perfect. Or you found him kissing your sorority sister ... the dirty dog. Something happened that burst your perfect pink bubble. (Or maybe you married him, and you're still smiling. I hope so.)

When we read romance, we want to experience the highs. But to do that, we have go way down low, along with the heroine and hero. 

I love to write heart breakers. If I don't cry as I write, I know you won't have that delicious roller-coaster ride either. And that's just fun!

 Meet Stone Masterson. One of the wickedest space pirates in the galaxy. Well ... make that ex-pirate. He's now a wealthy businessman, intent on making his new home safe ... for all the other folks who want to make families there.

For himself, he has no such plans. Doesn't believe he deserves that kind of love. He's convinced he has a Heart of Stone.

Rose Thorne blasts into his life, and demands that he help her find her brother. Somehow she ends up in his bed, and that's when the heartbreak begins.

Will Rose convince this proud, lonely man he's worthy of love ... her love? Or will he always be a heart-breaker?

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