Wednesday, April 27, 2016

NEW Release from Author Veronica Scott

Welcome, SFR Author Veronica Scott!

Veronica writes stellar adventure, which happens to be set in space - but I recommend for any reader who simply loves a great story with adventure, suspense and romance!

Veronica says:
Thanks for having me as your guest, Cathryn.

I have three new releases in science fiction romance, each debuting about a month apart, and completely different in terms of the plot. 

I love that an author can tell so many unique stories with an SFR flavor. Imagination is the outer limit! 

My release for April is Star Cruise: Outbreak, in which I’ve explored one of my favorite tropes – a mysterious epidemic. Where did the disease come from, is there a cure, who’s going to live? And of course to make matters worse, the affected individuals are stuck on an interstellar cruise liner!

I started with the fact that in today’s world unpleasant norovirus outbreaks happen all the time on ocean cruises, where many people come down with a gastrointestinal bug but recover. 

I pondered what if the seemingly benign-but-yucky illness was actually the start of something much, much worse? 

Monday, April 11, 2016

A Bump in the Road to Publishing My First Novel

Welcome, debut author Debra Elise! 
Hurray, you brought your debut novel, SAVING MAVERICK, released on April 4th. Friends, I've read this one and you don't want to miss it. 

AND, she's giving away prizes, so be sure to read to the end ...

Debra says: "Thank you to Cathryn for opening her blog to me today.

So one day you’re rolling along, plans all laid out nice and tidy and then something happens to challenge you. Something which tests your resilience for change, and threshold for disappointment.

Sound familiar? It happens to all of us. Hopefully not too often, but when it does how you react immediately after the stomach-dropping hit you just took, sets you up for a big decision… Turn the disappointment not into lemonade but opportunity or let it paralyze you.

I had one such disappointment last summer and it had to do with my debut baseball romance,

I was so excited when Bloomsbury Spark offered me a contract last March and chose a November 2015 release date. I had gleefully told my family, friends, complete strangers, “My book is coming out in November!” I’d posted it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, my website. You name it. I had begun to pimp it, well everywhere.

So, July rolls around and I’m eager to receive my edit letter from well, my editor, but what I received instead was a nicely worded email asking me how I would feel if they changed the release date, for marketing purposes, to early 2016?... How would I feel? Sad, very-very sad.

I found myself with this huge decision to make. Do I kick and scream and demand I get my way like a toddler who’s lost their blanky and end up alienating my editor and the publisher and perhaps blow my opportunity for books two and three? <takes deep breath> Or do I set aside my “poor me” feelings and listen to the “oh, yeah, this makes sense” voice that appeared soon after the need for the pink stuff in a bottle faded away?

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Authors: 5 Tips for Participating in Anthologies

Welcome, Author Bokerah Brumley!
Bokerah has some tips for us on participating in anthologies--awesome! And no wonder, with this fab anthology about to debut. She's also giving away a $10 GC, so stay tuned to the end of the post ...

Bokerah says: Yes, it’s safe to say that I love anthologies. I enjoy the teamwork a multi-author project generally creates. The cross-promotion is invaluable in growing my own platform, and I always glean a lot from the other authors.

Here are five tips I’ve learned from participating in successful anthologies.