Friday, November 28, 2014

Taking Time for Myself ... and Loving It

Happy Holidays!

Thanksgiving signals the start of the winter holiday season, and with it all the hustle, bustle and fun foo-foo-rah to brighten the bleak mid-winter. Or summer, depending on where you live.

This year, I'm taking the holidays slow ... not by choice but by chance.

Two things happened -

1. November 1st, my computer crashed due to a virus sent by slime-sucking internet pirates (may they rot in their own noxious fumes, wherever they are). The computer went to spend a week in a local computer shop, being repaired and rebooted.

Fortunately, I use Carbonite Back-up services, so most all my files, photos, etc were safe.

Unfortunately, my writing program and I missed a secret handshake somewhere, and my 70K Work in Progress was not backed up properly. I'll never be so complacent or careless again, I promise you. I now back up manually as I write, and regularly export to Word as a fail-safe. We've also signed up with our internet providers for regular check-ups.

2. November 3rd, I had major surgery. Non-working parts were removed and a long recovery commenced. For the first few weeks, I felt like death warmed over. Napped a lot, watched TV and chatted with my wonderful family and friends who called, brought meals and came by to check in on me and the DH. (They now inform me I was a laugh-a-minute, slurring words and falling asleep in the middle of conversations) Hmm, could've been the pain-killers.

This last week I've finally felt well enough to begin writing again. But every time I faced the reality of the missing 70K words, I wanted to cry. Thus, I decided that before I can tackle that large and important project, I needed to bring back the sheer joy of writing.

I began writing a contemporary novella set here in my home town, Coeur d'Alene Idaho, the Big Little Resort Town on the lakes. It involves murder, mayhem, hot sex and a motorcycle club!

And you know what? I'm having a ball, and the story is writing itself.

A writer friend suggested recently that maybe I needed this time to re-evaluate what was really important to me about writing. And as much as I wanted to smack her at the time, I have slowly realized she's right.

I needed to re-discover the sheer joy of putting colorful, vulnerable characters on the page and then throwing them into situations fraught with trouble, where they must grow in character or lose everything they hold precious. And did I mention the hot smexy-times along the way? 'Cause that's just how my characters roll.

Blogging today on Writer Unboxed: Dan Blank of WeGrowMedia urges us to add MORE down time to our lives, not less.  He calls it 'white space'.

I've had 'white space' thrust on me.

But, you know what? I've used it to re-evaluate my rush to write, publish, promote at the expense of time with friends, my husband, my golden and ... myself.

Recuperating both emotionally and physically, I've spent a little time each day in my craft room creating a beautiful, vibrant quilt. I've spoken on the phone/email/Facebook every day with people I care about. I've watched several movies and TV shows for which I don't normally take time. I've read through some fabulous romances.

And, best of all, I've been writing purely for the joy of it. Yes, I'll get back to that WIP and end-of-series that I lost in the crash, but I'll get there at a pace I can handle, and still not lose myself.

In  December, look for 2 novellas, HEART OF STEEL , a sequel to HEART OF STONE in the sexy SFR Frontiera series,
and SHOW ME THE HONEY; a sexy contemporary.

In early 2015, look for STARK SURRENDER, Bk 4 in The LodeStar Series.

And to know exactly when these and other books debut, stay in touch!

And here's hoping your own re-evaluations don't come at quite as high a cost, my friend.

Cathryn Cade
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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Spooktacular Halloween Scavenger Hunt!

We're celebrating the debut of our new author dessert cookbook by hosting a Halloween Scavenger Hunt!

For those of you who like dealing with the spooky, join us to do something kooky!

From October 6th through the 23rd, over 30 authors featured in Bake, Love, Write: 105 Authors Share Dessert Recipes and Advice on Love and Writing are hosting a Halloween Scavenger Hunt. 

Here’s how it works:Participants visit the website or blog listed for each featured author to find a Halloween graphic hidden on one of the website or blog pages. 

Hint: My answer can be found on my Books>Club 3 Series Page. Careful, there are RED HOT HEROES loose on this page!

The more sites you visit, the more chances you have to win. There are over 60 prizes with multiple winners. The list of prizes and the dates they will be given away is here.

Here’s what you need to do: On October 6th, visit Sloan McBride’s blog where she’ll have all the information posted, including links to the authors' websites/blogs and a link to a page to type all the answers. 

If you want to have a handy reminder, you can also download the page of authors, websites/blogs, and for typing your answers here. The page will give you the authors’ names and links to their websites/blogs where you’ll search for the Halloween graphics. Rafflecopter will be used to determine prizewinners.

Here's the IMPORTANT part -- once you've filled in your answers, you must email the document to Sloan at  She’ll review the answers and will enter your name the number of times that corresponds to the number of sites you visited and provided the correct answers.  

Good luck!
Cathryn Cade
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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Pets for Vets Charity Bundle coming soon!

If you're like me, you love a chance to support our troops & have fun too! So just let me hand you this chance tied up in Red, Hot and Blue.

Every cent of the profits from this sexy, sentimental romance bundle goes to match rescued pound animals with veterans suffering from PTSD, plus the depression and distress that goes with it. 

Won't you join us?

They're all Hometown Heroes, 
guys from small towns who've made a name 
for themselves, big or small, 
who've withstood the odds and risen to the challenge, who are heroes in their own right.

Presenting a contemporary romance 

bundle of 16 novels with happily-ever-after endings, 
including previously published readers' favorites 
and brand-new material!

Coming September 30th at all online outlets
for only $1.99

by Melissa Schroeder
CHANGE THE GAME by Lucy Monroe 
WILD RIDE by Nancy Warren
MADRONA SUNSET by Jami Davenport
BRACE FOR IMPACT by Allie K. Adams
SHE'S WORTH IT ALL by Cathryn Cade
by Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott
GRAVE DANGER by Rachel Grant
HIS ONLY DESIRE by Adrianne Lee  
EVEN HEROES CRY by Hildie McQueen 
THE VIXEN & THE VET by Katy Regnery
by Sandy Sullivan

Monday, August 18, 2014

SCI FI NIGHTS official release party!

Happy News from the Cade-iverse!

SCI FI NIGHTS, a collection of science fiction romance novellas, is out so we're celebrating!


Come join us -- me and Jessa SladeCalinda BBianca D'Arc, and Mina Carter -- for our
Facebook Launch Party with the Book Nymph Tuesday, Aug. 19, from 5-7 pm Eastern (2-4 pm Pacific). Click here for an easy time convert if you are from some place further away.

We'll have books to giveaway from our other series, book store gift cards, and a pair of Jessa Slade's gorgeous "Starry Sci Fi Nights" earrings! 
We'll be chatting about our favorite thing -- Romance Books -- and getting a little crazy. 
Please join us. Because, really, who wants to get crazy all alone??
Click here to join us:
Get your copy of SCI FI NIGHTS for 99¢ for a limited time!
Amazon  |  Barnes & Noble |  Kobo  |  AllRomance
Can't wait to see you tomorrow! Meanwhile, happy reading!
Cathryn CadeBest-selling author of sci fi romance
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Friday, June 20, 2014

Starry Nights ... in Space!

Cathryn Cade

Greetings from 
        the Cade-iverse!

Teaming up with my fellow SFR Brigade authors to bring you Starry Nights, a blog hop with many new authors and sci fi romance offerings.

Welcome aboard, space cadets! 

My new SFR series, The LodeStar Series, features strong men and the women it takes to handle them. I write alpha males, no apologies. But that doesn't mean they can't be tender.

Here's a little starry night magic from my NEXT release, Dark Runner, debuting later this summer in an anthology with authors Jessa Slade, Calinda Be and Bianca D'arc.

The story is set in the world of my best-selling LodeStar Series.

Tal Darkrunner is not just a tattooed bad boy, he’s the leader of a dangerous gang. Serpentian warrior Scala Raj knows this—so why can’t she stay away from him? She’s supposed to be spying on him to gain back her freedom, not falling for him.

Tal fought his way to the top in the vicious streets of New Seattle, Earth II. Now he rules his gritty kingdom, his skin marked with a piece of inked body art for every victory won through his courage, cunning and absolute refusal to back down—ever.
Only one thing could send him hurtling into deep space—a mission to find and destroy the slavers who tried to take the one woman he wanted. He trusts no one, including Scala, the defiant beauty with a lethal body who joins his small space cruiser crew. He knows she's hiding secrets, and that she's on the run.
That won’t stop him from enjoying the pleasures of her body. But no matter how fiery the passion that arcs between them, he’ll never risk his heart.

Unless she slips under his guard and steals it …

Here the crew has stopped in a nightclub on Solaria to look for information. Tal is ready to go, but where is his new warrior?

“We’re just passing through.” 
Tal rose and turned, looking for Scala. He was prepared to drag three or four males away to get to her. But although two human males were vying for her attention, she stood like a lovely statue among the other dancers, her face like stone.
Tal followed her gaze to a large group of people making their way through the crowded bar. They wore fancy-ass flight suits, some pearl gray and others bright golden yellow.
Tal forged his way onto the floor, tossing one of her admirers out of his way.
“Who are you watching?” Tal demanded, stepping between her and the group. She knew them, that was obvious. If she didn’t snap out of it, they were going to spot her too.
 As if freed from a spell, she blinked, and then focused on him. Her sexy eyes were haunted. Then she ducked into the shelter of his body, her face turned into his shoulder. “They’re LodeStar—ships guard and crew. The Orion or one of the other space cruise ships. I can’t let them see me.”
Suddenly his warrior seemed in need of protecting. His arm going around her, Tal looked over his shoulder at the jovial group. Yeah, he could picture her as one of them, strong and confident and laughing.
Now, she looked shattered. He moved, herding her with him in the opposite direction.     
“Hey, I was gonna dance with her,” protested a man in a stained flight suit.
“Try it and I’ll cut your throat,” Tal informed him.
The skinny male’s eyes widened. He scrambled back out of the way, jostling other dancers who scarcely seemed to notice. Just business as usual at the Black Hole.
Darry fell in step with them as they emerged from the writhing mass of dancers.
 “We’ll go out the back,” Tal said.

What?? Not romantic enough for you? *grins* Yeah, that's about as mooshy as Tal gets, and these two are more likely to be arguing, fighting or burning up the sheets than having a tender moment. Doesn't mean Tal won't come thru in the end ... but you have to get there first.

Keep reading! The list of other authors' blogs and Rafflecopter link to WIN PRIZES is below!!

Cathryn Cade
Best-selling author of sci fi romance
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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Brenda Novak Auction SFR Brigade Offerings

Support a great cause, ending juvenile diabetes!

How? By bidding on great offerings from the Science Fiction Romance Brigade, including my complete Orion Series in PRINT!

Bidding opens at only $3.00 on the complete set, although of course we hope you'll bid higher to support this great cause. I've autographed the set, as well as the bookmarks.

Join the bidding HERE ...

Bidding opens May 1st!