Sunday, May 22, 2016

Can You Recommend a Good Sci Fi Romance?? How 'bout 40 of Them!

Announcing 'The Portals Project'

40 incredibly diverse, addicting and awesome works of Sci Fi Romance, 
brought to you by 
Your Favorite Sci Fi Romance Authors! 
And we are Legion. 

Portals Volume 2 with Cathryn Cade
(Wait, does 40 make a legion?? I dunno.) 
Anyway ... you do not want to miss soaring through these portals.

Behind them await 1st Chapters from award-winning, best-selling Sci Fi Romance by some of the best Sci Fi Romance Authors ever!

Like to know more about how the project came to be?

Cathryn Cade

Best-selling author of sci fi romance
RT 4.5 Stars and Night Owl Reviews TOP PICK
… it’s hot in space, red hot!
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