Tuesday, February 9, 2016

What is Space Opera Anyway?? With Author Jayne Fury

Guest Blogger: Jayne Fury talks about Space Opera

Ask ten people what space opera is and you'll either get a blank stare or a different answer in each response. 

What is space opera and how does it fit onto Romance lit?

Let's tackle the first question.  A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Here are some contemporary examples that you might recognize:

1. Star Wars
2. Babylon 5
3. The Dune series
4. Firefly

Are you getting the idea, now? Of course there are much less well known and more definitive space opera examples. Generally, the genre fans all agree that the father of space opera was E.E. "Doc" Smith.  The very first space opera was Skylark of Space.  But it's generally agreed that it was 1934 whenThe Lensman series began when Space Opera got traction.  Thats a little obscure and you don't need to read Lensman to get an idea of what it is, you know what Space Opera is. You just may not have given it a name before now. But what's the difference between space opera and SciFi?

Here's a short list of space opera elements:

1. A flawed hero
2. A Princess/Prince
3. Scale
4. A means by which to travel either through Space or Time

And of course there's Space which isn't necessarily scale and being in space doesn't naturally qualify as Space Opera.  Space Opera has to have epic scale. Whether on a ship or in a far away galaxy, you're not in Kansas anymore in a space opera.  There is usually no 'science' in a space opera. For some it's a bit of a guilty pleasure and that's where the Romance Genre and SciFi cross - in Space.

The heroine/hero needs saving.  There's an evil, yet muscularly ripped villain or other evil Force (see what I did there?) The hero saves our damsel.  Sounds a lot like a Perils of Pauline or historical romance scenario, right? There might be a "mothership" or a cause that needs fixin'. The hero is nearly always flawed and is on the redemption trail. Depending on the author, you may have steamy or sweet romance in the genre crossers. And you can flip that, and have the heroine be flawed and the hero need saving.

Let’s not be sexist about this, after all.

For instance, my book Freedom Bound, which is being released currently in serialized format of episodes, has bodice ripping ninjas in space. And by that I mean the heroine is doing her own bodice ripping. She is the main protagonist. Highly capable meets flawed with a corporate suzerain evil empire looking to bring them down. There’s space travel, there’s intrigue, a little spice and a lot of campy fun. It’s a romance and it’s space opera.

If a bodice rips in space, can you hear the shuddered sigh?

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Jayne Fury is a SciFiRom author who writes pulpy serials about bodice ripping ninjas in space. She lives on her urban farm in the Pacific Northwest with her three cats, five chickens and extremely tolerant husband. If asked, she will deny that she's creating nest in her office out of old socks and wooly pooffs. She is also a performer in Tacoma's one and only Ukulele Sing-a-long Circus. Her serialized fiction project, FREEDOM BOUND,  is currently publishing on Amazon.com

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