Saturday, January 30, 2016

Keep Calm and Let The Blurb Queen Help Promote Your Story

Hello, world! There's a brand new royal in the house. 

Today we go behind the scenes of writing to visit one of the indie helpers who are skilled at making us readers want to buy THIS book.

The Blurb Queen is here to help you take your fabulous story, the one you've crafted from your heart, into which you've poured your imaginings, angst, humor and pathos ... to YOUR readers
You have 3 chances to grab readers' attention in the frenetic pace of today's world and make them notice your book.
They are

  • Cover
We all judge a book by its cover. That evocative, gorgeous pose or scene that immediately sets a mood we want to be in--if only for a few hours.

  • Title

Titles are a real attention grabber. Do those few words make us chuckle? Sigh? Send a chill down our spine? Draw us in and make us want to know their meaning?

  • Ad copy or blurb
This little chunk of writing must work HARD and FAST. The potential reader may have paused to read this far, but they are waiting to be convinced that yes, this story is worthy of their time and their money. 

They want a tag line, a succinct idea of the story, and 

Depending on the genre you write, your blurb must set a certain mood, and do it without wasting a single line.

Also, there are several key pieces every successful blurb must contain--or it won't do its job. The reader will cast one last doubtful look at your cover and then flip to the next potential purchase.

Most writers love writing! But ... most of us don't love distilling the essence of their wonderful story into selling ad copy. Why? We're too close to the story, we've spent weeks or months inhabiting the skin of the protagonist(s). 

Step back and condense all of that into a few short lines?? No-o, say it isn't so!

Well, sorry, it is so. Fortunately for you, some of us actually love writing those pesky blurbs--for ALL GENRES. The Blurb Queen is one such lovable odd-ball.

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