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SFR Author Donna Frelick has Trouble in Mind!

Welcome, Donna! 
We know you write Sci Fi Romance. What's new?

February 16 marked the release of Trouble in Mind, Book 2 in in my Interstellar Rescue series.

Like Book 1, Unchained Memory, this companion novel is set in the same Earth-centered, present-day universe, but has enough aliens, spaceships, mind control and other science-fiction-y goodness to intrigue any SF fan.

At the same time, the flame between FBI heroine Lana Matheson and half-alien hero Gabriel is hot enough to please the most fervent romance reader.

Trouble in Mind  was written shortly after Unchained Memory (both Finalists in the RWA® Golden Heart® Contest for Unpublished Manuscripts in 2012)
Both books serve as the foundation of my Interstellar Rescue universe.

What does it mean, that these 2 books are the foundation of the universe? 

Well, first, of course, it establishes the premise of the IR series: 

  • There is more going on in our familiar world than we know! 
  • An alien race, the Grays, are stealing humans from Earth for slave labor; 
  • Grays use mind control techniques to “wipe” their captives of memory and emotion; 
  • ICAR; Interstellar Council for Abolition and Rescue, exists to end this slavery; 
  • Rescue uses similar mind control techniques on the humans they rescue and return to Earth to erase the memories of their enslavement.

So these books establish the technology of the Interstellar Rescue universe?

Yes! How everyone gets around in space, how the mind control works, and so on. They describe the alien worlds and races that have major roles in the story. And, of course, they introduce the characters, some of whom reappear in several books, and even “graduate” to their own lead roles in future books.

You describe these as 'companion books' - so should they be read in order?

No, you don’t have to read them in order to jump into the story; they’re not sequels. Book 3, Fools Rush In, launches next fall. And I’m currently working on Book 4, Follow the Sun. With each novel, the IR universe expands and grows a little richer.

Ooooh, I want to know more!

Great! Here's the blurb for TROUBLE IN MIND, Bk 2 of INTERSTELLAR RESCUE

She couldn’t get him out of her mind—
and that’s when the trouble started.

FBI Special Agent Alana Matheson is good at her job, despite a past that would make even a seasoned agent cringe. She has no time for the outside help the victim’s family has brought in on a kidnapping case, no matter how good looking he is.

But galactic tracker Gabriel Cruz is no ordinary private investigator, and the skills he brings to the job will save both their lives. Because Lana and Gabriel are not the only ones seeking an unusual little boy and his mother. Their rivals in the chase are not of this world, and only an alliance built on the bonds of love can ensure that Lana and Gabriel beat the alien hunters to their prey.

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Donna S. Frelick was an RWA® Golden Heart® Double Finalist in 2012 for the first two novels in her SFR Interstellar Rescue series. She lives on 43 beautiful mountain acres in North Carolina with her husband and two talkative cats. 
Find her at; 
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Twitter @DonnaSFrelick. 

Thanks so much, Donna, for stopping by to tell us about your stellar series! I know I'm rushing out to get my copy right now ...

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