Thursday, January 3, 2013

Linda Mercury's Other Creative Passion

Happy New Year! 

We are rocking 2013 with 
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Today, I'm over @
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Helping her Take a Vacation...on a Budget!

Join author Linda Mercury as she dishes about My Resolution. 

Linda says; "How does one make time for those important “Other” Creative Passions? If you are a writer, you might also love watercolors or flower arranging or the dark magics of the fiber arts.

My other creative passion?  Napping.  I have a long history of insomnia and anxiety, so sleep is always at a premium for me.

I usually don’t have the uninterrupted time for a full three hours of uninterrupted rest. So I got sneaky. I ‘rest my eyes’ for five minutes at my desk. Or I park my car in a quiet corner of the grocery store, lay back, and listen to a relaxation tape. If my schedule is completely packed, I bend over and rest my forehead on the counter while I’m cooking dinner.

Your need for this second passion whispers to you, in the odd moments of your life, “I could totally do something I need right here.”

And that is how you make time for all your passions."


How about you, readers? Do you struggle to find time and energy for what's most important? Leave a comment!

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