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Creative Passions with Maggie Jaimeson

Happy New Year! 
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Join my friend Maggie Jaimeson as she tells us how she'll be ...Taking Time for Those OTHER Creative Passions

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'Diversity Provokes Serendipity'

Creative people sometimes have a hard time diversifying their passions. For many years, my novel writing was my ONLY Creative Passion. 
Because I worked full-time in another profession, I felt I only had time for one creative endeavor. I gave up singing in the choir. I gave up sewing (I used to make my own clothes). I gave up acting—even in small community theater.
It’s true that my time was extremely limited. However, I formed a habit of not doing anything else in order to focus my outside time on writing. 

Now that I am writing full-time I still haven’t made time for any of those other creative passions. Why? Because pursuing only one thing—particularly writing—becomes too insular. I already know that my best ideas for novels come out of mashups of a variety of ideas that, when put together, make something unique. Serendipity is an innovation engine, and serendipity needs diversity. Not only diversity of creative pursuits, but diversity in the people I encounter and the places I go.
How many of the most amazing things that have happened to you have happened because of an overheard word, an accidental encounter, a connection made by a friend? Serendipity is the antithesis of control and a huge friend to creativity.
Beginning in November I joined a book group. Would you believe I’ve never belonged to a book group before? It’s amazing. I get to read things I would probably never make time to read, and I get to learn from a diverse group of men and women how they think about books and story. 

In 2013 I’m thinking of doing something musically again. Not sure what yet, but there are lots of opportunities. As for sewing and acting, not this year. Maybe when I’m truly retired.
How do you diversify your creative pursuits? Leave a comment!

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