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Jamie Brazil's Other Creative Passions

Happy New Year! 
Today author Jamie Brazil joins us 
to dish about the other creative passion that she always makes time for...

Author Jamie Brazil 
Title: A Stitch in Time…

Not many people know this about me, but I sew.  I love sewing.  Probably because it has to do with clothes.  Another love of mine. 

Like many women, my mother taught me to sew.  Sewing, it seems to me, is part of the whole (old school) Slavic-female culture.  Not sewing is not an option.  My mother’s mother, Baba, taught her to sew.  There’s sewing history here.  I own, and sometimes wear, a 1960s flannel shirt my Baba made for my Didi (Grandfather).  Somewhere in my mother’s cedar chest is Baba’s silk wedding gown.  Home-sewn in 1916.

Is it only tradition?  No.

Sewing relaxes me.  And I’m surprised that I don’t unfold those wooden panels and raise the sturdy metal machine more often.  My sewing machine was handed down to me like the family jewels.  It was my mother’s wedding gift from my uncle. Top of the line in 1965, this Singer was the last model to have all metal parts.  Not a speck of plastic! 

I learned to thread its mechanisms, replace the needles, and even oil the gears regularly.  It’s the definition of sturdy. 

Over the years, my sewing machine has repaired the 1999 Ford Escort seatbelt my dog ate, mended pillowcases, hemmed pants and skirts (I’m short, so there’s been A LOT of hemming!), made button holes, seamed quilts, and stitched countless dresses and skirts I wore to church. 

So why don’t make more time to sew?  I gave up sewing my own clothes long ago.  These days, my Singer tends to be used for practical purposes.  My mother-in-law, also lacking in physical stature, has a stack of pants waiting to be hemmed.  But even hemming is relaxing.  Measuring, cutting, firing up the iron, and pinning the edges into place.  There’s a certainty, a confidence, to this process.  Not defined well by words, it’s a process that must be experienced.

It’s my history.

And it makes me long to tackle a more complex project.  A quilt? A winter coat? Or that dog pack -- the one with the multiple compartments I saw in a store and knew I could create for a fraction of the cost?  Whatever my next project will be, I know my mom is there for back up, and that my Baba will be cheering me on in spirit. 
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Wow, and I thought I sewed a lot with the quilting I used to do before I started writing. Gotta get back to that.

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