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Jenna Bayley-Burke's Other Creative Passion

Happy New Year! 

Are you ready to rock 2013? 

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Welcome, JennaBayley-Burke, author of Drive Me Crazy! 

What are your thoughts on my New Year’s resolution to Take Time for Other Creative Passions?

Jenna: I call this filling the well. For me, I have to do creative things in order to be creative on the page. I find if I get stuck writing until my brain goes to mush, I can’t go on. There is no pushing through it. There is no more to give.

One of the easiest ways to keep the well filled while writing at a frantic pace is to try my hand at the hobbies my characters enjoy. I took lots of yoga while writing Compromising Positions (alas, no Kama Sutra yoga), a golf lesson for Par For the Course, volunteered at a family shelter before penning Private Scandal, and became a very amateur photographer thanks to Drive Me Crazy.

On my agenda to try this year is painting – there are art and wine bars popping up all over Portland – and jewelry making. I never do it to be an expert, just to have the experience and gather sensory details for writing about them. Oh, and because they are lots of fun.

Schedule in a few new experiences. Taking the time away from writing will pay off because you’ll be excited to get back to it. Plus, if you’re experiencing something to write about it…write off!
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Many thanks to Jenna for giving me some great ideas on how to find the time for spreading out my creativity. I'm off to fill my well ... how about you? 

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