Monday, October 22, 2012

Wicked After Dark Blog Hop

Welcome to my stop on the Wicked After Dark Blog Hop! Along the way you'll have chances to win lots of wicked, wonderful prizes. You'll be introduced to some wicked heroes and heroines, and see what they get up to  ... After Dark!
I write red hot romance, so that means my characters get up to plenty of hi-jinx ... in the bedroom and out of it.

My new release, Hawaiian Heroes III; Blooming in the Wild debuts November 6th --that's less than 2 weeks away!  

In the story, the characters have traveled to a wild coast of the Big Island, and find themselves stranded in the tropical rainforest. Now, they're certainly not worried about frostbite, but they do have other problems, such as being stalked by vicious drug runners.  Luckily, the hero and heroine find plenty of time to be ... wicked.

Fresh Fiction calls this story "Sensuous and thrilling tale set amid the steamy jungles of Hawaii, where delicate blossoms assist lovemaking in delightful ways. Cade knows her location & drops some very real characters into these surroundings. I for one will be looking out for her next book!"
                                                                          Fresh Fiction
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Click the cover to read an excerpt. If you enjoy it, leave a comment and I'll enter you to win one of 5 FREE copies of the ebook. One lucky winner will also receive a $10 gift certificate from Samhain Publishing, home of all my wicked romance! 
And travel to some other Wicked Stops on the Blog Hop for more great romance, and prizes!

Happy Halloween,
Cathryn Cade

Cathryn Cade @ Samhain Publishing