Saturday, September 22, 2012

Who's Your Hero ... Bad Boy or Good Guy?

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Hi, and welcome to my corner of the romance world.

When I read a romance, I love a BAD boy hero.

One who's gruff and growly with barriers a mile high, but hotter than a tropical sunburn, like Hawaiian Hero Daniel Ho'omalu in
Rolling in the Deep.

Or one who's smooth and sophisticated, and can have the heroine blushing hotter than ever before, like The Orion's Commander Navos in
Deep Indigo.

Because I know that along the journey to true forever love and romance, I'm going to squirm and  blush and probably cry right along with the heroine. I love to get really involved in the romances I read, and generally a NICE guy hero just doesn't do it for me. I wanna  suffer a little on the rocky road to romance. It makes the happy ending all the sweeter.

But ... groan, that's not always true.

Some of the nicest guys in the universe make the hottest heroes.

They're true blue and have the highest regard for women, yet their principles may be the rock the heroine stumbles upon, like The Orion's Captain Steve Craig in Her Commander.

Or they may be a big, laid-back guy like David Ho'omalu, the Hawaiian Hero of Walking in Fire. He just never met a pretty girl he couldn't charm right off her feet. He leaves them all smiling, of course.

But whether the hero is a bad boy or a good guy, I still want 'em NAUGHTY! I want them to show the heroine a red hot time in the bedroom, or wherever they happen to be when passion strikes.

And that's what you can expect when you read one of my stories, too. Because I write what I love to read.

I'd love to share a red hot romance with you.

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