Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fall into Red Hot Romance ... with me

Ah, Fall!

Such a gorgeous time of year.
The days turn cool, the nights cold and crisp.

The cottonwoods and aspen here in Montana have turned to gold, the nine-bark to burgundy, the maples in town to red and orange. Now the leaves are blowing  away in the wind, and the first snowflakes are beginning to fall.

Time to snuggle up with a hot drink
... and an even hotter romance.

I have to tell you, living in the northwest--
whether the Pac NW which my DH and I just
left, or back home here in the Big Sky Country ... I am used to loooong, cold winters. Great incentive to stay indoors and write a steamy romance to warm me up from the inside out! ;D

And read them, too. I've been enjoying my Kindle so much this fall. A girl can only write so many hours a day, you know. Then I recharge my romance batteries with a great read from another author. Or some time with my handsome DH, but that's another story.

Of course I also go to my local public library. Did you know most public libraries now have ebooks available? How cool is that? And inter-library loan, so you can get the books you really want to read. Many also have online reserve services, so you can hop on the waiting list when that new best-seller comes out.

Now why, you may ask, is an author touting borrowing books for free? Hey, reader, I know times are tough. And I grew up bringing home stacks of books from the library. All that reading helped boost me into a career as a school librarian, and then a second career as a writer.

I also happen to know that most library patrons are also book buyers. 40% of you are likely to find a great author at the library, and buy some of their books. That would be my history. Home in a small town in the Rockies with two little boys, I discovered many of my current go-to authors in weekly trips to the library for picture books for the boys, and romances for mommy.

My own books aren't in the library ... yet. Working on that.

But of course you can get them all online here.

They aren't free, but ebooks won't break the bank, either. And they don't take up much shelf space, lol. Gotta love that!

Hmmm ... speaking of FREE. Let's celebrate the debut November 6th of my latest red hot Hawaiian paranomal romance.

Leave a comment, and I'll enter you to win one of 5 FREE copies of the ebook, Hawaiian Heroes III; Blooming in the Wild. 

Fresh Fiction calls Blooming in the Wild 
"Sensuous and thrilling tale set amid the steamy jungles of Hawaii, where delicate blossoms assist lovemaking in delightful ways. Cade knows her location & drops some very real characters into these surroundings. I for one will be looking out for her next book!"
                             Fresh Fiction
                            Full review @

And do hop to some other author sites on the Autumn's Harvest Blog Hop. There are lots of prizes, and one of you will win the BIG prize!

Fall into a Great Romance,

Cathryn Cade