Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's a contest! Book Title = Prizes for You

You have great ideas, right? Sure you do. I need one.

Here's the deal--I've written a contemporary paranormal, set in Hawaii. That's right, paradise. Love those islands, don't you?

I love this story, too. What I don't have is a title. So if you can come up with a title my editor and I love, I will send you a $20.00 gift certificate for Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble.com, your choice. AND a free copy of the book when it debuts next spring, naturally!

Here's a quick look at the premise ...

' Melia Carson is in Hawaii to escape the chill of heartache. But when she joins a tour, she finds herself in a tropical heat wave. Her playboy host is not what he seems. Neither is the handsome Hawaiian who joins their group. David Ho'omalu is big, powerful and hot enough to melt even Melia's defenses. But why does she dream of him each night, garbed in native style and wreathed in flames?

When she surrenders to the desire burning between them, she discovers he has fiery, hidden depths. As one of the goddess Pele's guardians, he protects her island while she slumbers deep inside her volcano, Kilauea.

A true Hawaiian hero, born to protect his island. He'll use his power to protect Melia as well, but can she trust him with her heart?'

So that's the story ... or at least the beginning. What would be a good title for this story? Keep in mind it involves a little bit of molten lava, too! ;D

You're welcome to present as many titles as you wish. Please send them to cathryncade@cathryncade.com

I will choose a winner by October 1st, 2011.