Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!

October 21, 2010

Happy Fall to you from the Pacific Northwest. The weather has turned chilly, and more leaves are turning color every day. I’ve never seen New England in the fall, only photographs, but I do believe parts of the Pacific Northwest could rival it. I’m just saying.
I’m gearing up for Halloween, one of my favorite holidays. I’ve decorated my house with all my fall lap quilts, vines and wreaths and my collection of jack o’lanterns. I try to add one every year, even just tiny ones. Interspersed with a few scarecrows, black cats and witches, of course. I love the look of Halloween characters from the 1920’s, with their silly wide grins and round eyes. A few years ago, reproductions were available at a local department store and I snatched up most of the collection at a discount. Score!
And in case I sound like a decorating over-achiever, this all consists of opening a few plastic storage boxes from the attic and spreading contents around the main floor of our home. Easy peasy.
When we lived in a tiny town in the Rockies, I quilted. With a day job and my writing, I choose not to take the time now, but I still have all my fabrics. I walk by their storage closet once in while, and reassure them that they’ll be taken out one of these fine days, to be made into quilts large and small.
For now, I’d rather spin magic out of thin air, into stories long and short. Join me in my current Samhain Free Read, to celebrate the quirky magic of Halloween.
You can read the first half of Heart of Steel on the Samhain site, coming soon! Keep an eye on
Rocket back to my website at cyber speed to enjoy the satisfying conclusion. Heart of Steel is a rollicking adventure with hot, hot love scenes and most of all, romance – ‘cause that’s what I love to read … and to write.
Happy Halloween!